Creative Santa Fe News

Candy Chang Headlines City-Wide RE: MIKE Project

Creative Santa Fe brought internationally-renowned artist and activist Candy Chang to the City Different as keynote speaker for Santa Fe’s RE: MIKE event. The weekend-long project kicked off on Friday, September 21, 2012, with Chang describing to a jammed auditorium on St. Michael’s Drive how art and design can build better communities. [...]

Creative Placemaking: Santa Fe and the Nation

Creative Santa Fe continued its “Santa Fe | Ground Up” dialogue with NEA Director of Design Jason Schupbach. Following a morning workshop on art and creativity spaces, Schupbach addressed the Santa Fe community on the topic of “Creative Placemaking: Santa Fe and the Nation.” [...]


Robert Hammond: The High Line

CThe abandoned railroad that made a park … that made a neighborhood … that made a brand. Robert Hammond and Joshua David of the Highline have achieved in New York that which at first glance seemed impossible [...]