What is FANTASE?

Located in historic, downtown Santa Fe at the iconic DeVargas Park, FANTASE Fest is a unique nighttime event where a diverse mix of thousands of people gather to celebrate innovative art, performance, local food and music, and community engagement. Complimenting the site-specific art installations that will be commissioned through the generosity of a NM Arts grant, the evening will also include local bands on two different stages, food trucks, a skate jam in the skate park, performances, and more!

Since its inception four years ago, attendance has increased year over year. The first three years counted a total of 7,500 attendees, and we expect 4,500 to 5,000 in 2016. Audience surveys indicate that 92% of the participants were under the age of 44 and while locals reign the day, the festival has attracted a significant number of visitors throughout the state. We have worked with over 130 community partners over the past three years, and after this year’s fest we will have given $80,000 of grants to local artists through the generosity of New Mexico Arts.

To support Santa Fe’s next generation of rising artistic, culinary, and musical talent, FANTASE Fest allocates over 80% of the budget directly to the artists, musicians, performers, creative technicians, and designers. With this opportunity to showcase their work, participants also benefit from making meaningful connections at the festival and many have received jobs and opportunities as a result of this exposure.



This year’s FANTASE Fest aims to integrate new media technologies and installations with performative elements in order to tell stories of the Santa Fe and New Mexico communities. Art installations, music, food vendors, a skate jam, and more will all occur to explore, demonstrate, and share creative insights to the stories of community.

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FANTASE Fest 2016 is brought to you by our lead sponsor Del Norte Credit Union and New Mexico Arts, Plaza Cafe,, Skylight, Array, Molecule, Cafe Sonder, the Santa Fe University of Art + Design, and Santa Fe Art Classes.


FANTASE Fest 2015 transformed downtown Santa Fe into an extravaganza of light, art, music, and vitality – highlighting Santa Fe’s extraordinary cultural and creative assets that go far beyond the assumed identity of Santa Fe, inviting the public to rediscover these spaces and see them in a new light. The festival enables artists of all backgrounds to expand their practice beyond the gallery and museum to engage a large and diverse audience; and to explore an expanded identity for the city of Santa Fe.

FANTASE was produced and sponsored by New Mexico Arts, New Mexico True, New Mexico Rail Runner Express, Molecule Design and Furniture, SantaFe.Com, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe Audio Visual, La Boca, Dinner for Two, and the Street Food Institute.


FANTASE Dome Fest attracted more than 2,000 attendees and focused on art, light, music, and downtown vibrancy and also featured large-scale geodesic domes by the local business Lumenscapes. 83% of the budget went to artists, musicians, creative technicians, and designers.

NM Arts gave CrSF a $20,000 grant to issue to artists from all over northern New Mexico. Emerging artists from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, University of New Mexico, and the Institute of American Indian Arts had the opportunity to attend classes and workshops to experiment with art and light installations, dome technology, and had their work on public display. Many of the people showcased that night got job opportunities from showcasing their talent – the very definition of community and economic development.


Thousands of people gathered in downtown Santa Fe on June 15 to celebrate the opening of the newly redesigned DeVargas Park and Skate Park. The FANTASE Fest was a community event incorporating creatives, nonprofits, businesses, and governmental partners. The first annual FANTASE Fest celebrated the completion of the first phase of the larger Parque del Rio, envisioned as an urban linear park running along the length of the Santa Fe River. The completed phase features new sidewalks, grassy areas, additional trees, permanent seating, a ramada and a newly reconfigured skate park and urban plaza.

Food, music, dancing, skating, biking, the Rodeo Parade, break dancers, yoga classes, fire fighters, a flash mob of local chefs, and families with strollers and dogs were all part of the celebration. Kids on bikes and skateboards ruled the day starting their celebration at 6:00 am and jamming on past midnight. Interactive light installations by four local artists, and supported by a generous contribution from New Mexico Arts, lit up the night sky.

After spending much of the day at the park, Santa Fe artist Larry Fodor said, “Downtown Santa Fe is not just for tourists. It is also for the people that live in this incredible city and the FANTASE Fest is absolute proof positive events can be organized that cater to our entire population — so that everyone can enjoy the underused and re-structured parts of downtown Santa Fe.”

The cultural diversity that embodied the FANTASE Fest was unmistakable. “The full event had moments of true humor, whimsy, delight, and disco… surrounded by the widest range of Santa Feans I have seen together in over twenty years,” said Suby Bowden, Principal of Suby Bowden Associates. Young Fathers of Santa Fe wrote to Creative Santa Fe, “Youth culture got a big hug yesterday (June15th) in Santa Fe, NM and it was beautiful.”

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