Startup Santa Fe Selects BowTie as Partner

Startup Santa Fe Selects BowTie as Partner

Startup Santa Fe has selected as a key partner to develop the the Startup Santa Fe app and web portal which is focused on meeting the needs of startups and entrepreneurs in New Mexico. Startup Santa Fe will provide an unprecedented platform of interconnected resources for entrepreneurs within the State, built on the BowTie platform.

The app and web portal will eliminate many of the barriers to launching and growing startups in New Mexico - making it faster and easier to access capital, strategic information, partnerships, jobs, mentors, and enabling technologies. By gathering experts and organizational resources under the umbrella of Startup Santa Fe, the partnership will match entrepreneurs’ needs with needed expertise.

“We wanted to find an experienced partner to work with that had deep expertise in building scalable applications that can meet the demands of the real world,” said Startup Santa Fe Director, Shawn Patrick, “the BowTie team, and their innovative platform, will be instrumental in delivering on our ‘ for ideas’ vision for New Mexico.”

BowTie is an enhanced static hosting platform that makes it easier to prototype and develop new software, validate your market, and scale your business. BowTie will provide the underlying architecture for the Startup Santa Fe solution, and serve as a resource for Startup Santa Fe’s members.

“This is a great use of our technology. BowTie is helping Startup Santa Fe launch faster and scale easier - and we do the same for their participants. It's fantastic to see resources of this caliber emerging in New Mexico. I’ve heard entrepreneurs equated to super heroes. New Mexico is full of X-men, but I can’t find Xavier’s school for the gifted. Startup Santa Fe is your invitation to that school.” said BowTie co-founder, Chad Person.

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