The Cultural Mapping of Santa Fe

The Cultural Mapping of Santa Fe

Cultural mapping is gaining adherents around the globe as a strategy for building strong communities. The concept grew out of research in the mid- to late 1980s in Canada, Australia, the United States and Western Europe. The Creative City Network of Canada, founded in 1997 to support municipal cultural workers, has since developed a number of toolkits to help communities navigate the process. It’s considered a vital tool by UNESCO and has been used in such far-flung places as Uganda.

Mayor Javier Gonzales and Councilors Peter Ives and Joseph Maestas proposed and sponsored a resolution to culturally map the City of Santa Fe, which was approved by the City Council in July and is funded by by a lodgers tax levy for the arts.

The goal is to inventory all of Santa Fe’s cultural assets and create a framework for how residents think about, talk about and value culture. The results will be an interactive map, a needs assessment, recommendations for city spending and ideas about what a city division or office of cultural affairs might look like.

Read the entire article from the Santa Fe New Mexican on how the recent "Cultural mapping initiative seeks to strengthen Santa Fe's identity."

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