About Us


Creative Santa Fe’s mission is to leverage Santa Fe’s unique sense of place, using collaboration and the power of the arts to reframe critical issues and drive positive change.  

Who We Are

Harnessing the power of creativity, collaboration and community, we take a creative approach to problem-solving that can build bridges of understanding and shape a stronger future for generations to come.

We are guided by a belief that collaboration between diverse groups of people with varying skills, knowledge, experiences and opinions is the key to innovation. In an environment as culturally diverse, intellectually rich, and naturally beautiful as New Mexico, we can frame, contemplate, understand and interpret problems in completely new and profound ways, developing original and effective responses.

The best solutions can only emerge when voices from many walks of life come together in an environment that fosters listening, reflection, understanding, insight, and inspiration. We believe that as we embark on the next chapter of our collective history, Santa Fe can help shape critical dialogue that can better prepare us for the social, economic and environmental challenges we all face—in our own community and around the world.