Celebrating Growth at Creative Santa Fe

January 15th, 2024

As Creative Santa Fe (CrSF) embarks on a new chapter of expansion, we wish to honor the remarkable individuals who have been the pillars of our organization, as well as those who recently joined us on our journey. Their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm have enabled us to flourish and leave a significant imprint on Santa Fe. This article pays tribute to the key contributors to our success and extends an open invitation to those ready to partake in our future endeavors.

Saluting Our Board of Directors

At the heart of our organization is our esteemed Board of Directors. We are delighted to announce the elevation of two new Co-Chairs in 2024, as our cherished Bill Miller transitions into his new role as Emeritus Board Chair. 

Co-Chair James (“Jim”) Patterson has been a vital part of CrSF since its inception in 2005. Armed with an in-depth understanding of our organization and a fervor for arts and culture and the creative economy, Jim brings invaluable expertise in communications, advocacy and partnership building across sectors. Dedicated to seeing the creative sector thrive, Jim persistently worked on the 2023 House Bill 8 through Creative New Mexico, another nonprofit he co-founded and currently chairs. This effort resulted in the $2M allocation from New Mexico Economic Development Department toward supporting creative endeavors throughout New Mexico.

Joining Jim as Co-Chair is Sandy Zane, CrSF board member since 2011. Sandy, the proprietor of Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery and its sister gallery form & concept, brings a wealth of experience as a former nonprofit director and entrepreneur to guide the growth at Creative Santa Fe. Recognized for her outstanding commitment to arts and culture, she received the 2017 Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts. Her unique insights and generous patronage of arts and innovation initiatives will undoubtedly fuel our ongoing success.

We express our profound gratitude to our Emeritus Chairman Bill Miller, who has nurtured and sustained CrSF since 2011. Bill’s leadership as Chairman of the Board from 2011-2023 has been pivotal in our most significant achievements, including the Siler Yard Arts & Creativity Center and our award-winning Nuclear Weapons Summit. As Bill transitions to his new role on the board, we are thankful for his continued support.

Matthew Smith, former MASS Design Group Global Managing Director, continues his roles as Board Treasurer. Angela Martin continues her community building investment with CrSF as our 10-year board member.

As we rejoice in growth and welcome new opportunities, we also bid adieu to departing board members Victoria Mora and Joel Barber. We express our gratitude for their keen insights and informed contributions, which have invigorated our organization. We wish them every success in their future pursuits and will miss their invaluable inputs.

Presenting Our Advisory Council

We are excited to announce the establishment of our new Advisory Council. This council comprises individuals with specialized skills and diversified community interests to help expand our capabilities to better engage with various community initiatives and projects. We extend a warm welcome to Advisory Council Chair Kimi Green, and members Valeria Alarcón, Anne Coghlan, Gay Dillingham, Thomas Fortin, David Karshmer, and Todd Lustgarten. Their diverse expertise will undoubtedly amplify our organization’s impact and help steer our future initiatives.

Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Our staff, under the leadership of Executive Director Sorakamol Annette Prapasiri, continues to deliver inspiring program experiences and forging community partnerships. Programming at CrSF is more robust than ever; there are sure to be monthly engagements with Creative Santa Fe. Stay tuned for more details on the various projects we are engaging in 2024.

We are thrilled to welcome Felicia Ponca as CrSF Development and Engagement Manager. Felicia is a Santa Fe native with over twenty years of event management and production experience. Drawing from her Osage cultural heritage, she designs gatherings as vehicles to deepen human connections and social ties. She joined CrSF in October 2023 to deliver memorable experiences to strengthen CrSF community building work.

Though our team is composed of talents across the country, we give special thanks to our local team: Anthony Colombo (Web + Multimedia Specialist), Ticoh Japp (Designer), Mayo Miller King (Finance and Operations Director), and John Ravitch (Brand Strategist and Program Designer). Big thanks to Anne Steen, former CrSF Communication Manager, for her stint supporting our team. We wish her the best as she ventures on her new adventure.

Honoring Our Creative Fellows

Creative Fellow Max Neutra, Meow Wolf Experience Design Manager, continues as the co-host of PechaKucha Night Santa Fe alongside our Executive Director Sorakamol Prapasiri. Max opens each PechaKucha Night gatherings with his philosophical inquiry into the evening theme accompanied by his whimsical illustrations. This year, we welcome Patrick Schaefer as our second Creative Fellow. Prior to Patrick’s  role as the Chief General Counsel for the NM Finance Administration Department, Patrick founded and ran the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness at the University of Texas El Paso. Patrick will be co-leading Democracy In America seminar series and Democracy in New Mexico seminar series with Sorakamol this March and April, respectively.

Appreciating Our Program Volunteers

At Creative Santa Fe, we understand that every helping hand makes a significant difference. Our volunteers, each bringing their unique touch to our organization, are a testament to this belief. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the current volunteer cohort: Marcia Butler, Roxanne Darling, Lester Fu, Chico Goler, Lynn Grimes, Matthew Johnston, Justin Kouri, Jenna Marshall, Christine Sullivan, and Brooks William.

Their contributions, no matter how big or small, have significantly enriched our operations and the experiences we offer to our community. 

Final Thoughts

At Creative Santa Fe, we believe in the power of creativity and collaboration to build a vibrant, inclusive community. Our journey thus far has been enriched by the dedication and passion of our staff, board members, advisory council, and program volunteers. Each individual’s unique contribution has shaped us into the organization we are today. Learn more about the people mentioned above on our Team page.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the potential for growth and the opportunity to deepen our impact. In partnership with other mission-focused organizations and agencies, together we continue to foster cross-cultural vibrancy and economic vitality for communities in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico.

We invite those who resonate with our mission to join us in this endeavor, whether as a staff member, board member, advisory council member, or volunteer. To learn more about how you can contribute to our mission, visit the Support page on our website.