Creative Voices Roundtables

There is no discipline that nurtures and sparks the cognitive ability to imagine, and unleashes creativity and innovation, more than arts and culture. There is no approach that breaks barriers, connects across cultural differences, and engages our shared values more than arts and culture. There is no investment that connects us to each other, moves us to action, and strengthens our ability to make collective choices more than arts and culture.

–  Eric Friednwald-Fisherman


Sponsored By: Violet Crown Santa Fe
Violet Crown
Creative Santa Fe believes, and has demonstrated over the years, that the arts have the power to reframe the way we approach solving challenges. We believe that the creative process can help us to forge new pathways for dialogues that lead to tangible change. To that end we are excited to launch The Creative Voices Roundtables—ongoing conversations with diverse creative leaders to explore how we can embed the arts in each of our Disruptive Futures Dialogues. Through these creative discourses, we aim to include inspiring creative voices in addressing topics ranging from education, poverty, affordable housing, cybersecurity, the way we communicate, and more, in an effort to reimagine how we can develop solutions to these community issues.

Creative Voices Roundtable #1

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 Tuesday, January 30 , 2018
TIME: 10:00 am -12:00 pm
LOCATION: Violet Crown

PARTICIPANTS: Bevin Carnes, Jordan Eddy, Andrea Hanley, Chrissie Orr, Katrina Mendoza, Mi’Jan Celie Tho-Biaz, Sandy Zane, Sabrina Pratt, and CrSF –  Cyndi Conn, Lauren Henriksen, Yuki Murata

Andrea R. Hanley, Navajo
Membership + Program Manager, IAIA Museum of  Contemporary Native Arts



Bevin Carnes



Chrissie Orr
Beautiful Trouble Maker, Artist, Facilitator, Animateur