Disruptive Founders’ Circle

What does it mean to be a Disruptive Founder?

Do you believe it is time to rethink the way we solve local and global challenges?
Do you believe that new voices, fresh ideas, the arts, and collaboration are key to discovering solutions that have never before been imagined, for our community and for our world?
As a Disruptive Founder, your support is critical to helping us leverage the creative power of our community to forge a future worth building. We hope you will join us!

Creative Santa Fe Disruptive Founders’ Circle
• Allyson Rogers
• Andrew Wallerstein and Mary Sloan
• Beth Beloff and Marc Geller
• Bridget Morris and Paul King
• Catherine Oppenheimer
• Charles and Yvonne Mendez
• Christine and Bill Aylward
• Chuck and Roxanne Apple
• Chuck and Barbara Moore
• Cindy and Neil Lyon
• Dan and Ashlyn Perry
• David and Amanda Kocon
• Deborah Fleig
• Dinah and Ken Reddick
• Doris Francis, Gay Block and Billy Parker
• Edward and Maria Gale
• galleryFRITZ
• Jason Saslow
• Jeff Thomas and Caroline Russell
• John Rochester and Larry Fodor
• Kimberly Corbitt
• Kimberly Sheffield
• Lee Caldwell and Marcus Randolf
• Lee Zlotoff and Dayna Matlin
• Leigh Moiola
• Lexey Fender
• Mari and Peter Kooi
• Mark Johnson
• Michael Violante and Paul Rocheford
• Michele Cook and John Camp
• Michelle Midyette
• Mystery Lady of Santa Fe
• Peggy and David Ater
• Ryan Williams and Jeff Sestokas-Williams
• Steve and Karen Berkowitz
• Steve and Beth Moise
• Victoria Mora and Tomás Fernández
• William Siegal and MaryEllen Collins

To become a Disruptive Founder:

$2,000 per household
• Access to reserved seating at DFD public events.
• Attend invitation-only cocktail parties and dinners.
• 100% tax deductible contribution.
• Monthly Executive Director emails that include insider news and previews of Dialogues and special events.

Email Cyndi Conn at cconn@creativesantafe.org or call us at 505-288-3538 to join!