Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chad Houser

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Headshot of Chad Houser, Founder and CEO of Café Momentum

Chad Houser  |  Café Momentum Founder + CEO


Chad has described Café Momentum as “taking kids out of jail and teaching them to play with knives and fire.” Levity aside, it’s his vision for systemic change and passion for our country’s future that’s led him to spend the last 15 years building a proven model that teaches life, social and employment skills to justice-involved youth. Since opening in 2015, Café Momentum Dallas has consistently been ranked as one of the top restaurants.

In 2020, Chad co-founded Momentum Advisory Collective (M.A.C.) to scale Café Momentum across the country. M.A.C. has successfully opened programs in Nashville and Pittsburgh and is fundraising in Atlanta, Denver, Houston and Baltimore.

Chad has been selected as a Starbucks Upstander and CNN Hero. He has also been a guest on The Rachel Ray Show, The Steve Harvey Show, The Chew and Good Morning America.