Housing The Future 2.0

A Disruptive Futures Dialogue

Date and Time
Tue, September 10, 2019
6:00 pm

Housing the Future 2.0

Santa Fe is currently at a 99% rental capacity and lack of affordable housing is one of the most significant obstacles for current residents and economic growth. The city urgently needs as may as 5,000 new rental units and currently builds between 65-100 units per year.  We clearly need creative new approaches to tackle this seemingly intractable challenge. How can art help us to imagine solutions for the future of affordable housing? This event will highlight new, creative approaches to affordable housing innovation and design emerging in our city and state in the face of this crisis.

This dialogue is a continuation of Creative Santa Fe’s 2018 Housing the Future event and is in conjunction with the Siler Yard Arts + Creativity Center affordable housing project.


The affordable housing issue in Santa Fe is a serious problem. Our personal stories illustrate this reality: Landlords controlling tenants’ brand of laundry detergent or what kinds of food can be prepared in the unit, landlords unable to afford their own rent breaking leases to move back in …or our favorite teachers, mechanics, and service industry workers moving away because of the rising cost of living without a marginal increase in living wage. Sometimes there’s a bit of humor in our housing challenges, but too often our stories are filled with desperation and lack of options or recourse.

We are calling all landlords, renters, neighbors, home owners and those without a home to share stories about how the current housing situation has had an effect in their lives.

Select submissions will be highlighted in an affordable housing zine designed by local artists, published this autumn. Select stories will be presented at our upcoming Housing the Future 2.0 public program this September. By collecting and retelling these stories, we can illustrate the reality of how the lack of affordable housing affects us all on different levels. All submissions are welcomed and will be considered.

Although we are interested in collecting stories of those negatively affected, we additionally want to hear stories of joy, celebration, pride, and success in housing. Who are the heroes? What are the positive actions we should celebrate?