The Disruptive Futures: Nuclear Weapons Summit, December 4-7, 2016, engaged our community in a new type of discussion about nuclear security. A public event at the Lensic featured former Secretary of Defense William Perry with journalist, author and filmmaker Eric Schlosser in a conversation about reducing the risks of nuclear weapons. Over the course of the next three days, 47 interdisciplinary leaders from across the country were immersed in the history of nuclear weapons, discussed present day nuclear threats and – most importantly – used art, creative writing and design exercises to explore ‘what if’ scenarios about the future of global security and develop creative solutions that were presented in skits performed for the public at the Violet Crown Cinema.


"I can think of no better place to discuss rising nuclear dangers than in New Mexico given the state’s important history and contribution to the security of our country."
--Dr. William J. Perry, -Former Secretary of Defense
"I am also so inspired by the Creative Santa Fe team: your organization accurately exemplifies how local leadership can make national -- and even global! -- change. The most enduring and innovative ideas always start with community, so thank you for helping and uplifting the nuclear nonproliferation and arms control cause."
--​Lovely Umayam, -Research Analyst & Project Manager at the Stimson Center
"Creative Santa Fe's Disruptive Future's Nuclear Summit was truly world class! It takes genius, vision, and chutzpah to bring together fifty leaders in their fields: physicists, futurists, best-selling authors, designers, tech wizards and the wise and kind Dr. William Perry all in one room. The symposium managed to educate us about this existential threat while also celebrating the singular charisma of Santa Fe and New Mexico. Bravo!"
--​Joseph Kelly, -Founder of HiveMind
"The Disruptive Futures Nuclear Weapons Summit combined two things in a really compelling way: the power of place and boundary innovation. Having never been to New Mexico, I found the history of the nuclear program woven into the fabric of the state, with the Labs at Los Alamos and Sandia, and the Trinity test site, where the first nuclear weapon was tested. It made the whole experience more tangible. The cohort brought together by Creative Santa Fe, N Square and the Nuclear Threat Initiative was rich with diversity, from nuclear experts to communications gurus to artists...even the creator of MacGyver! Innovation research shows that new ideas surface when people with different perspectives bring their minds and resources to bear, together, on a new challenge. The Summit surfaced some great thinking, as well as engagement from folks who hadn't thought much about nuclear risk before."
--Bruce Lowry, -Director of Policy and Advocacy at Skoll Global Threats Fund
"The Disruptive Futures summit brought together a powerful group of fresh thinkers to consider anew one of planet's intractable and most consequential challenges - nuclear risk. I left the summit with an unexpected optimism that with new tools and new thinking, a new generation might make greater headway in reducing the dangers posed by nuclear weapons."
--​Rachel Bronson, -Executive Director and Publisher of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
"Creative Santa Fe created an ideal innovative environment for a provocatively thoughtful discussion of a thoroughly disruptive and "wicked" problem - our nuclear future. They attracted a stellar cohort that allowed for a thoroughly non-polemical and insightful probe of the risks we face, and how to confront and mitigate them."
--Sherman Teichman, -Executive Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University
"I’ve been waiting for an event like Creative Santa Fe’s Nuclear Summit for years. It brought together unique, smart voices and thinkers who can and will actually do something tangible about the nuclear threat that we all face. Much more than a talk-fest, I know that the connections made and actions being taken will have real impact on this existential problem. Holding the program in "Santa Fe might have been seen as an odd choice – not the usual power centers where these sort of events are usually hosted. In fact, the resonance of place – located just 40 minutes from the site of the Manhattan Project – added a visceral check to these crucial issues. I’m anxiously awaiting the next Nuclear Summit gathering."
--Valerie Plame, –Author and Former Career Covert CIA Operations Officer