PechaKucha Night VOL. 17 — NMSA Edition

Meet Our Presenters

NMSA Student Noah Bogatko will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Noah Bogatko  |  Broken Arrow

Storyteller Noah Bogatko observes the dissolution of cultures as they merged into something new in his presentation Broken Arrow.


Noah Walker Bogatko is originally from humid Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He tries to find light in whatever or whoever crosses paths with him and is happy to have a made bed, fresh fruit in the fridge, and floral dress shirts to wear. His two favorite pastimes are learning and gardening—he especially enjoys studying physics and calculus, even though these aren’t his fortés. He likes reading and writing too. Nonfiction is his favorite umbrella in regard to literature. His home as of the past several years has been the sandy hills of Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

NMSA Student Gabriel Boston-Friedman will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Gabriel Boston-Friedman  |  My Mind

Gabriel Boston-Friedman confronts and reconciles the remembrance of people and places in his performance My Mind.


Gabriel Boston-Friedman he has studied poetry, fiction, play writing, screenwriting, and non-fiction and has had his work published in Dreams of Montezuma, and Dreams of Montezuma 2. He has lived in six states, including California, Arizona, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Mexico.

Gabriel is an avid telemark skier, rock climber, whitewater kayaker, and mountain unicyclist. Gabriel enjoys art many forms, such as music, acting, and creative writing. He plays guitar and violin and sings classical music with the Young Voices of the Santa Fe Opera. Gabriel performs Shakespeare plays with the Upstart Crow of Santa Fe, and has performed in As You Like It, Taming of the Shew, The Tempest, and more.


In his presentation, My Mind, creative Gabriel Boston-Friedman confronts the monsters of his imagination and reconciles the remembrance of people and places. This performance piece includes original music composition and photography by Gabriel.

NMSA Student Nevaeh Galaviz will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Nevaeh Galaviz  |  The Wilderness of Grief

Writer Nevaeh Galaviz reflects on her recent experience with the loss of a loved one in her presentation The Wilderness of Grief.


Nevaeh Galaviz is from the small town of Taos, New Mexico. Nevaeh is a fiction writer as well as a poet. In her dedication to creative writing she has explored different genres, styles, and storytelling elements. She has been published in Dreams of Montezuma Volume 2, and in 2022 won a scholastic art and writing award for her poem about grief.

NMSA Student Sarita Gonzalez will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Sarita Gonzalez  |  Echo of 1939

In Echo of 1939, performance poet Sarita González intertwines their poem 1939 with their reflections on the wilderness of identifying as a bisexual genderfluid.


Sarita Sol González is a performance poet from Albuquerque, New Mexico currently attending New Mexico School for the Arts. One of their earliest memories is sitting at Winnings Coffee shop for Lobo Slam with their father Manual Gonzalez who himself is an esteemed poet. Sarita has been published in various poetry anthologies, and in 2016 published Burquenita (Swimming With Elephants Publications). Sarita was a featured speaker at Albuquerque TEDxYouth 2015 and a featured performer at TEDxABQ Main Event 2018. In April of 2016, Sarita had the honor of being invited by US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, to perform with him at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Sarita has also been awarded the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce 2016 President’s Award for her accomplishments in poetry and most recently a 2018 Albuquerque Creative Bravos Award for using her poetry in community outreach. They also had the privilege to open for professor and jazz icon Dr. Ron McCurdy and his presentation of The Langston Hughes Project’s Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz at the University of New Mexico’s Popejoy Hall in February of 2020. Sarita currently manages and hosts WOC: Women of Color Open Mic at El Chante: Casa de Cultura, a monthly poetry open mic and feature with the priority on WOC voices.


The poem 1939 was a way for Sarita González to come out to their family and community. Echo of 1939 is a contextual piece looking at before and after sharing the initial poem with their community—how the act of telling the people you love who you are is the scariest part.

NMSA Student Shayla Lovett will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Shayla Lovett  |  From Sunrise to Sunset

In her three-act presentation, From Sunrise to Sunset, Shayla Lovett shares how she found connection with New Mexico through ceremonial dance.


NMSA Student Raven Mackey will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Raven Mackey  |  Wildflowers

In Wildflowers, singer/songwriter Raven Mackey takes us on a journey on why she is committed to becoming a touring musician.


Raven Mackey grew up in rural Northern New Mexico, where she raised many birds, especially turkeys. During her pre-adolescence she discovered an intense love of music and songwriting that she brings into all aspects of her life, wearing it inside and out. She is heavily influenced by many bands and musicians, including Three Days Grace, Badflower, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, and Andy Black. In 2022, she released her first album titled, First Of Many, and performs her songs on the street, in the plaza, at open mics, and anywhere she can bring her guitar.

Outside of music and school, she goes on long walks down dirt roads, learns the art of happiness and free living from dogs, and takes time to notice people and why they do the things they do. She often uses songwriting as a way to process her life experiences. Her creativity extends into drawing and sketching, which she shares on Instagram with a growing following.


Singer/songwriter Raven Mackey shares her journey from finding her love of music, to learning how to sing and play guitar, and then experimenting in the creation of original songs. In her presentation, Wildflowers, she discusses how music has given her a sense of belonging and helped her to discover her own community.

NMSA Student Arwen Scarlata will deliver a PechaKucha presentation.

Arwen Scarlata  |  From the Wild Within Which We Hide

The Wild Within Which We Hide features a body of work exploring Arwen Scarlata’s search for freedom.


Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, poet Arwen Scarlata writes to express the wonder that touches their heart, and to find meaning amidst the chaos and complexity of life. Growing up in a rural area has informed Arwen’s connection to nature, in contrast with the city of Santa Fe which they now live in. Lacking the feeling of a true home, Arwen plans to move to the Pacific Northwest after graduating from NMSA. There Arwen hopes to find freedom, gorgeous forests, new experiences, and a sense of belonging.


Arwen Scarlata longs for the freedom they once felt growing up on the Taos mesa. The Wild Within Which We Hide explores a sense of isolation, the constraint of the city, and hope for freedom. The project also shares the beauty of nature and the peace it brings. Arwen will be sharing the following poems: Origin of Oddity, Ascent, VIII of Swords, Bloom, Winding, and Decay. These poems show the arc of freedom in childhood into the struggle and entrapment of their current life, as well as the hope that shows itself and the tension which accompanies the passing of time in stagnancy, and ends with a peaceful poem centered around nature.