The Highline

A Discussion with Robert Hammond

The abandoned railroad that made a park … that made a neighborhood … that made a brand. Robert Hammond and Joshua David of the Highline have achieved in New York that which at first glance seemed impossible. They successfully reinvigorated entire sectors of Manhattan that both celebrates its unique cultural and industrial history and creates a new excitement and renovated hope for the future of the city. All through private initiatives and ultimately private / public partnerships.


Public private partnerships are helping align public and private needs to move vital projects forward. Such partnerships have the potential to significantly change the landscape of a city and create new environments for collaboration.

Government is experiencing an historic transformation. Trillions of dollars are needed to maintain & rebuild America’s infrastructure networks and government agencies are facing gaps of billions of dollars to support public projects. Financing alternatives for funding big projects are necessary in order to ensure economic prosperity, meet public needs and create thousands of new jobs. As a result, the United States is moving aggressively into public private partnership models.

Through collaborations with private sector firms, public officials throughout the country are engaging earlier and companies and subject matter experts are assisting with plans, scoping of projects, and financial modeling. As a result of sound business planning, the projects provide an opportunity for both parties to benefit.