Virtual LemonAid

Northern New Mexico's Festival for Covid-19 Relief

Date and Time
Friday, May 8, 2020
8:00 pm

New Mexico has always been a vibrant beacon of arts and culture. Santa Fe specifically is recognized globally for its diverse and accomplished arts communities — visual, music, performing, culinary, film, and more. COVID-19 has already had a devastating impact on our community, and we fear the worst is yet to come.

small team of community leaders led by Creative Santa Fe has come together to make a difference. The team, which includes Noise for Now, Bernlore, Whisper to a Dream, Filmindie, and Rook SEO assembled a major multidisciplinary digital arts festival leveraging the creative talent of our region to raise critical funds to provide aid and support to those most in need in our community. The original show featured 37 professional artists and 24 students who performed music, poetry, and dance. The show was broadcast on social media channels and SFCTV-16 (Comcast) on May 8, 2020. Over 7,000 people tuned in to watch and donate. Due to the incredible impact of the show and the outpouring of interest from local artists, a second show called ‘Bonus Tracks‘ was assembled and aired the following week, showcasing the talent of ten new artists.

Over $50,000 was raised toward the fundraising goal within two weeks of the broadcast of the original show. 20% of the funds raised are being split evenly between participating artists. The remaining 80% of funds are being divided between the All Together New Mexico Fund and the Santa Fe County Connect Fund. Both funds will be used to address immediate needs of New Mexicans affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

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About The Team

Creative Santa Fe invited a small team of film and music industry leaders to curate a major multidisciplinary digital arts festival leveraging the creative talent of our region to raise critical funds to provide aid and support to those most in need in our community. For the past 15 years, Creative Santa Fe has been dedicated to bringing people together through collaboration and the power of the arts. Virtual LemonAid is a way to connect New Mexicans, bring much needed joy and inspiration in troubled times, and raise critical funds to aid and support those in need.

Amelia Bauer is the Founder and President of NOISE FOR NOW, a national initiative that enables performers to connect with and financially support grassroots organizations that work in the field of reproductive rights and abortion access. Amelia Bauer is honored to bring her experience working at the intersection of music and activism to the Virtual Lemonaid team in order to address the urgent needs that Covid-19 has exacerbated in the state she calls home. More about NOISE FOR NOW can be found at

Bernlore is a record + studio label committed to telling exquisite stories through music and film. Bernlore provides full production services for audio and video projects in addition to creating and distributing original content.

Rook SEO is a full-service Internet Marketing agency dedicated to providing services for and consulting with businesses of all sizes. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and small business a like in the areas of: On Page SEO Link Building, Paid Search Conversion, Rate Optimization, Web Design & Web Development, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Systems & Flows.

Whisper to a Dream is virtual music residency and accelerator with the mission of providing essential support for emerging musical projects, with the purpose of raising the level of professionalism in music, as well as offering an inspiring environment in which selected musical artists can pursue their creative work. With Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy) at the helm, Whisper to A Dream nurtures, cultivates and supports these three musical acts with hands-on creative development, production expertise, career strategy, an exchange of ideas, alternative distribution channels and mentorship by industry professionals. Co-Founder Talia Kosh is an attorney in Santa Fe, NM, and works in art and entertainment law.


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