Siler Yard: Arts + Creativity Center

Space for Creativity to Work

Laura Zabel
Scott Kratz

Affordable Housing+Workspace+Economic Development Support

The Siler Yard: Arts+Creativity Center represents a completely novel approach to community development that will combine affordable live/work rental space with shared workshop and community facilities, all amplified through on-site economic development support programming.

Housing Creative Entrepreneurs

Siler Yard will serve lower-income creative entrepreneurs and their families. People from diverse backgrounds working in the visual arts, music, theater, dance, media arts, applied arts, healing arts, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, craftsmen, builders, makers, and people in related industries that support those professions.

Community Shared Resources

By integrating community resources such as a community maker-space led by MAKE Santa Fe, with meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, performance spaces, and public open space, Siler Yard will support the surrounding neighborhood, the broader creative economy, and create a new kind of place that serves as a vibrant intersection of Santa Fe creative culture.

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"Affordable housing has always been an important component of every vital and vibrant city, and never more so than in times of great income disparity like the present. Envisioning, planning, creating, and manifesting viable solutions, like the Siler Yard Affordable Artist Housing Project, are absolutely and fundamentally essential if we as a city are to honor our commitment to maintain the exciting blend of humanity that we so cherish and celebrate in our city of Santa Fe."
-~ Michael Freed, artist, founder of Offroad Productions
"For over a thousand years, this region has been home to a continuum of creativity. For the vast majority of this time, affordable housing was part of the natural equilibrium of life. Homes were pulled up out of the earth - made and changed to suit evolving needs and technologies. Today, Santa Fe continues as a cultural crossroads and a hub of making, with the Siler Road area as its epicenter, yet a dramatic and well-documented housing shortage threatens the ability for artists and creative professionals to remain in this beautiful place. Affordable housing in Santa Fe has never been more important. This project will help to stem the crisis by boldly declaring that the creative community is essential to our collective future.
-- Shawn Evans, Principal, Atkin Olshin Schade Architects, lead designers of the Siler Yard project
"Siler Yard is VITAL in starting a movement of affordable housing for the creative's and residents in Santa Fe. It’s central location, affordable rents, and artists focused amenities will only enhance Santa Fe's reputation as a world class art center."
--Steve Brisk