Beyond Profit

A Think + Do Series for Courageous Entrepreneurs

Together with our partner UNM Anderson School of Management, we are rethinking the role of return on investment (ROI) and introducing the idea of return to society (RTS) through our Beyond Profit series—a think + do series focusing on best practices in building responsible enterprises.

A responsible entrepreneur raises the bar on how business is done. Effectively solving a social, cultural, and environmental problem while building profitable business is no easy task. Beyond Profit series lays the foundation to skilling up entrepreneurs and community leaders (mentors, investors, and policymakers) to support their courageous endeavor. Roll up your sleeves and lean in to hone your RTS skills.

2023–2024 Beyond Profit Series

The 2023–2024 BEYOND PROFIT series continues to focus on best practices for building responsible businesses. Through quarterly sessions focused on the unique mindsets of: entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and policymakers, we examine how each cohort brings specific skills for successfully launching a new business to scale.