InterPlanetary Project

Changing the world one planet at a time

Dario Robleto
Jonah Nolan
Kate Greene
Linda Elkins-Tanton
Neal Stephenson
Sandy Faber
Scott Ross
Geoffrey West

The InterPlanetary Project seeks to engage with pressing problems of today by imagining the challenges of tomorrow. Mark Twain wrote, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” InterPlanetary seeks to restore focus at a planetary scale.

What terrestrial challenge could provide greater focus than nourishing and uniting the peoples of the Earth to explore the extrasolar planets? And what great solutions might we find by searching beyond the confines of our earthly troubles?

To search through outer space we shall need to rise above our inner spaces, the gravest challenges of our time—from reducing disease and economic inequality, to managing finite resources and surviving war—and to take all necessary steps towards a larger, shared goal: an understanding of life’s place in the universe. Because confronting the challenges of space requires braving and solving the complexities of life.

The InterPlanetary Project is equal parts conference, festival, and research program. The first project of its kind to combine celebration with experimentation, and conversation with analysis. InterPlanetary seeks nothing less than a whole-planet project—beyond borders, beyond politics, beyond economics—to activate the collective intelligence of our first planet: Earth.

We shall begin with a conversation. An event that brings together science fiction authors, scientists, explorers, and private companies. We are asking our panelists to consider what will it take to become an InterPlanetary civilization? How should we address the most pressing problems of Earth to tackle a challenge at this scale? What will success mean for future generations? What is holding humanity back and what do we all need to achieve in terms of novel governance, new technologies, shared resources, and global cooperation to achieve this goal?

InterPlanetary Project Panel Discussion
July 18, 2017
  7:30 PM
The Lensic Performing Arts Center

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA