Moment Booklets

Printed reflections on this moment in time in Santa Fe, editions released quarterly.

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Creative Santa Fe’s mission is to leverage Santa Fe’s unique sense of place, using collaboration and the power of the arts to reframe critical issues and drive positive change. In this rare moment in history, we recognize that connection is one of the greatest needs we have as a community. We set out to reflect on this phenomena, creating physical keepsakes connect to each other. 30 incredible Santa Feans have so far responded to the exploration of ‘connection’ and ‘transformation’ through imagery, literature, photography and more.

Update: This series has transitioned to an independent project as of November 2020. More information on the project can be found at

Volume 2: Transformation
Released October 2020

What does the word ‘transformation’ mean to you at this moment? 17 Santa Feans reflected on this word and its significance in the current moment through paintings, poetry, storytelling, collage, culinary arts, and other mediums. From the transformation of seasons to the transformation of spaces, people, and history, this compilation is a reflection of the uniqueness, insightfulness, and incredible talent of our community. This booklet is the second in the series of Moment Booklets. View the digital PDF through the link below, or order your free copy of the booklet today through the form at the bottom of this page. 100 copies of the booklet have been distributed through little free libraries and small businesses mapped here.

Volume 2 Contributors, in page order (Click to read more about each)
John MackerInga HendricksonMegan JacobsMalena MörlingGarron YepaAnonymous ArtistTina CarlsonLindsay PaytonNuttaphol MaAmber-Dawn Bear RobeAmy SayersNatalie BenallyAnastasio Wrobel  •Fernando OleaThais Mather, form & Concept, The Worst Crew •Cyrus MacCray •JC Gonzo


Volume 1: Connection Released August 2020

What does the word ‘connection’ mean to you at this moment?
Closeness and distance have taken on new meanings and forms throughout all aspects of our lives. We set out to reflect on this phenomena, creating a physical keepsake to make connections. Thirteen incredible Santa Feans responded to this exploration through imagery, literature, photography and more. We hope that you enjoy the thoughtful content shared through this edition, the first of a series of Moment Booklets to come.

Volume 1 Contributors (Click to read more about each)
ARTICO Collective Lauren Camp Cyndi Conn Brian Hardgroove and KJ • Elizabeth Jacobson Angela Kirkman Hyukhee Kwon Chrissie Orr Kate Russell and Jess Haring • Marianne Sundquist • Brian Vallo • Kaela Waldstein Winoka Yepa

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