Nuclear Weapons Summit

A new type of discussion about nuclear security.

Dr. William Perry, MS, PhD
Eric Schlosser
Erika Gregory
Deb Rosenblum
Eric Chien
Robert L. Gallucci

The Disruptive Futures: Nuclear Weapons Summit, December 4-7, 2016, engaged our community in a new type of discussion about nuclear security. A public event at the Lensic featured former Secretary of Defense William Perry with journalist, author and filmmaker Eric Schlosser in a conversation about reducing the risks of nuclear weapons. Over three days, 47 interdisciplinary leaders from across the country were immersed in the history of nuclear weapons, discussed present day nuclear threats and – most importantly – used art, creative writing and design exercises to explore ‘what if’ scenarios about the future of global security.

Our cohort reported back on October 1, 2017 what they have been doing since the 2016 Summit.

Creative Santa Fe wins ‘Most Significant Futures Works’ Award from the Association of Professional Futurists for the ‘Disruptive Futures: Nuclear Security Summit’


Watch: Dr. William Perry in Conversation with Eric Schlosser

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