Startup Santa Fe

Startup Santa Fe

Access to Entrepreneurial Resources Throughout New Mexico

Alan Webber
Lee Zlotoff
Molly Cernicek
Nik Seet
Shawn Patrick

Startup Santa Fe is a public private partnership with the City of Santa Fe and Creative Santa Fe to provide access to entrepreneurial resources online and throughout New Mexico. If you have an idea, this new effort will help you to learn how to move it forward and connect with people that can help make it happen.

“We are creating a thriving culture of entrepreneurship in Santa Fe, Through the efforts of Start Up Santa Fe and other key projects, this community will mobilize energy and expertise to support new businesses and grow a vibrant economy.”- Mayor Javier Gonzales, City of Santa Fe

Read our Press Release Startup Santa Fe Awarded $45,000 from the City and visit us at to sign up for our beta list and follow our progress.


Part of Startup Santa Fe’s mission is to organize events with partners that target key industries and bring the community together to discuss key topics that will help to foster an entrepreneurial culture in Santa Fe and greater New Mexico.

Startup Santa Fe recently hosted an event in February of 2015 with the Founder Institute (Shawn Patrick is also a Director with the Founder Institute), sponsored by First National Bank of Santa Fe, that brought together a world-class panel to discuss the topic “How to turn ideas into innovations.”

The panel included:

  • Lee Zlotoff – Producer, Creator MacGyver
  • Alan Webber – Founding Editor, Fast Company
  • Molly Cernicek – Founder and CEO, SportXast
  • Nik Seet – Co-founder, sivi, Auditude
  • Shawn Patrick – Director, Startup Santa Fe

The panel session was hosted by Gene Grant of “New Mexico in Focus” and correspondent for New New Mexico PBS/KNME-TV. Along with an audience of about 200, the panel deeply explored the process of ideation and turning ideas into realities. The panel discussed their experiences, successes, failures, and what it takes to stay committed in bringing an idea to life.