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Change happens when we come together. Our Advisory Council is a collective of changemakers and community investors, each contributing their unique expertise and passion to help communities thrive. This isn’t just a council—it’s a community effort to ignite the transformative power of creativity and collaboration. Join us, and be part of the change.

CrSF Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities Overview

The purpose of CREATIVE SANTA FEʼs Advisory Council is to offer perspectives, connections, community representation and leadership. In addition, the Council is to assist the Executive Director for the purpose of advancing the goals of the organization.


  1. The Creative Santa Fe (CrSF) Council is an advisory council established by CrSF Board on June 16, 2023.
  2. The Council shall act only in an advisory capacity to the Executive Director and shall have no legal authority to act on behalf of the Organization.
  3. The Council shall have no governance power or fiduciary responsibility.

  1. The Executive Director and Advisory Council shall identify and appoint members to the Council. The Council shall consist of persons who are not directors or officers of the Organization.
  2. The Council shall establish strategic membership composition goals including:
    • Collective Competencies: Knowledge and skills that the Advisory Council seeks
    • Desirable Competencies: Characteristics that would be an asset at the present time, given CrSFʼs strategic priorities and needs
  3. A Council member shall serve for a term of one year with annual elections. The Council shall range from five to fifteen members with a goal of fifteen members.
  4. The Executive Director and the Advisory Council may remove a Council member in the event of a conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality or if other challenges to the Organizationʼs integrity arises. A formal notification letter for removal shall be issued by the Executive Director and the Advisory Chair and/or Advisory Co-Chairs.
  5. Council members shall not receive compensation or commission for their services.
  6. Council members are encouraged to be authentic, probative, and self-reflective while maintaining respect, honor, and care for differing views.

  1. The Council leadership shall consist of a Chair and/or Co-Chair appointment recommended by the Executive Director (or Chair) and approved by Council members. The Chair/Co-Chairs shall receive direction from, and report directly to, the Executive Director and serve as a liaison(s) to provide a channel of communication among Council members, Board members and Staff.
  2. Council members shall meet quarterly between CrSF Board meetings. Meetings shall be conducted in person or by Zoom.
  3. Council members shall set performance expectations and goals as individual members (specific competency or job description) and as a group based on CrSFʼs organizational goals and in support of the Executive Director and Management Team.
  4. Council members may be invited to participate in Board meetings or special events.
  5. Council members shall keep organizational information confidential and sign a CrSF Conflict of Interest Agreement.
  6. CrSF may include Council member names and images in its internal and external communications, including website, social media and fundraising communications.
  7. Council members shall conduct an annual assessment with the Executive Director for overall performance evaluation, future opportunities and strategic planning.

  1. Council members shall provide the Executive Director with advice and specific task assistance. The Executive Director may request that Council members serve the Board or Staff on an advisory level with specific activities.
  2. Council members shall contribute advice, expertise and connections to the current and future work of CrSF. Council members may support the following roles:
    • Represent a stakeholder or audience that CrSF is interested in building a relationship to.
    • Advance community connections through networking and planning events with CrSF and its collaborative partners.
    • Promote CrSF in the community and advance the development of community trust and support.
  3. Council members shall participate in fundraising efforts including cultivating donors and making personal contributions at any level.
  4. Council members shall attend CrSF events and fundraisers to the best of their ability.