Past Initiatives

Since 2011, Creative Santa Fe has strengthened Santa Fe’s economy by reframing critical issues in bold new ways, forging local and national collaborations, and driving positive change in our community and beyond.
Creative Santa Fe

Moment Booklets

Printed reflections on this moment in time in Santa Fe, editions released quarterly.

Printed reflections on this moment in time in Santa Fe, editions released quarterly.

Pivot to Virtual

2020 Virtual Programs and Projects


Innovative and exciting 2020 programs and projects built into response to Covid-19 social distancing ordinances.

Collaborative Events and Projects

Built in partnership with private and public sector partners throughout the Santa Fe region.

Creative Santa Fe continuously collaborates with partners who have innovative approaches to ensuring the sustainability and success of our community. Click to learn more.

Creative Mingle Arts Networking Events

Providing networking opportunities for community to connect and grow.

This initiative was built to meet the identified need for more networking opportunities within the arts. This program has grown into a series of six events with many more planned for the future. Click to learn more.

Disruptive Futures Dialogue Series

Leveraging the arts and collaboration to create positive disruption.

2018 - Ongoing

The Disruptive Futures Dialogue Series public programs are designed in partnership with organizations across our city to envision the future of Santa Fe through collaboration and the arts.

Siler Yard: Arts + Creativity Center

Space for Creativity to Work


The Santa Fe Arts + Creativity Center is envisioned as affordable live/work/creation space where Santa Fe’s creative workforce can develop individual and collaborative projects and learn entrepreneurial skills, as they transition from training to independence in the art markets.

The InterPlanetary Project

By the Santa Fe Institute


The SFI InterPlanetary Project is a collaboration led by the Santa Fe Institute that explores the question "What will it take to become an interplanetary civilization?"

Nuclear Weapons Summit

A new type of discussion about nuclear security.


Over three days last December, 47 interdisciplinary leaders came together to discuss nuclear weapons using CrSF’s process to explore the topic and inspire creative solutions about our global security.

Fantase Fest

A Celebration of Innovative Art, Performance, Local Food and Music, and Community Engagement.


Located in historic, downtown Santa Fe at the iconic DeVargas Park, FANTASE Fest is a unique nighttime event where a diverse mix of thousands of people gather to celebrate innovative art, performance, local food and music, and community engagement.

IF: Imagined Futures: Speaker Series

Guest Speakers Who Have Collaborated with Creative Santa Fe

2012- Present

Creative Santa Fe has collaborated with a range of creative thinkers to promote new ways of thinking.

Startup Santa Fe

Access to Entrepreneurial Resources Throughout New Mexico


Startup Santa Fe was a public private partnership with the City of Santa Fe and Creative Santa Fe to provide access to entrepreneurial resources online and throughout New Mexico. If you have an idea, this new effort will help you to learn how to move it forward and connect with people that can help make it happen

Walk Santa Fe

Get To Know Santa Fe On Foot


Walk [Santa Fe] project launches as the largest Walk [Your City] project in the world with temporary signs, maps, and a painted path connecting the Railyard Plaza to the Downtown Plaza.