PechaKucha Night Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in presenting at PechaKucha Night Santa Fe. For a smooth submission process, please view our submission guidelines below. If this is the first time you are presenting at a PechaKucha event, we highly recommend you view a few PechaKucha presentations to familiarize yourself with this unique presentation format and survey the variety of storytelling styles.

Themes and dates for 2024:

VOL. 20 ARTIFICIAL — Thursday, February 29
VOL. 21 SURRENDER — Thursday, May 9
VOL. 22 MIRROR — Thursday, August 29
VOL. 23 BREAD — Thursday, November 14

Themes and dates for 2025:

VOL. 24 STRANGE — Thursday, February 20
VOL. 25 CYCLES — Thursday, May 15
VOL. 26 FAILURE — Thursday, July 17
VOL. 27 AWE — Thursday, November 6


Submit basic presenter info + presentation summary.  Send us a brief summary (up to 200 words) of your presentation and how it relates to the theme you are interested in, along with your 200-word bio, close-up headshot and one image representative of your presentation.

Wait for confirmation.
 We will reach out to everyone who submitted their proposals one week after the Presenter Intake Form deadline to confirm whether or not your presentation pitch has been approved. We curate between 8 to 10 presenters per PechaKucha Night based on creativity in theme interpretation, quality of work, and story pitch.

Set PechaKucha Profile. Once approved, please proceed to create your PechaKucha profile if you do not already have a PechaKucha account set up. Need help? Learn how to set up your PechaKucha profile here.

Put together your presentation. Though there are different styles and methodologies to tell your stories in the PechaKucha format successfully, we recommend you view this primer video as a starting point. The video will show the online tool available to help you compose your PechaKucha presentation. If you use this tool, please download your deck and upload it to your presenter folder.

Alternatively, you can also use Keynote or Powerpoint to make your slides. For your convenience, please download our Keynote Template or Powerpoint Template. Slides in these templates are set with the required 20-second autotransition between slides. For your final presentation, we will prepare your opening and closing slides.

Additional things to keep in mind—

Do not add any animation or transition effects, such as fade or dissolve, at any time during your PK presentation. Your presentation is uploaded to the official PechaKucha website as 20 static images and your voice recording, which we will capture at the event and spliced for the final presentation upload. Their web platform merged these two types of assets into a video presentation.

We strongly advise against using editable text to avoid font display issues. However, if the editable text is truly necessary, please default to our Powerpoint Template, as Keynote lacks the font embedment capability. Be sure to embed your fonts upon saving your Powerpoint presentation.

Upload your completed presentation. About two weeks before the event, we request you upload your finalized presentation to your presenter folder, link to be provided. We request that once your presentation is submitted to us in its final form, with no further changes. Our team will optimize each presenter’s presentation and include it in the master presentation deck for the event. If there are any technical issues, our team will reach out for your assistance.

Practice your presentation. Remember there is no “go back one slide, please” in PechaKucha. This is an exhilarating presentation format as you have exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds to share your story.

On the day of the event. Show up one hour prior to start time for a sound check. There will be a podium at the venue for you to bring up your notes and a timer. When called to present, take the mic! Enjoy this exhilarating experience. We will be cheering for you!


Share something you love, your latest project, or creative work, and take the audience on a journey. The spirit of the PechaKucha nights highlights the creative and diverse interests of work and play in our community. “Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover the unexpected—unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different, and they turn each PechaKucha Night into a box of chocolates.” – PechaKucha HQ