Anastasio Wrobel (aung.robo) is a multi-process visual artist, an award winning writer and currently a painter, a poet, a photographer and illustrator. They are a gender theorist in life and practice currently living and working in occupied Tewa Land, O’gah Po’Geh. Wrobel creates bright and fluorescent two-dimensional works with varying line widths and small marks. Much of their process is informed by “accumulation” (n. The acquisition or gradual gathering of something). They are the creator of “The Non-Binary Coloring Book” – an abstract coloring book celebrating gender expansion with over forty-two original ink illustrations, “ENBYTOK,” writings and educational musings about transgender experience. Forthcoming projects include “aung.robo: the first decade seattle to santa fe” (Coming August 2021) and a new poetry collection called “Kill the Mean Self Before the Magic Self Dies.”