Erika Gregory

Erika Gregory

Director of N Square

Director of the newly-founded N Square—a multiyear, multimillion dollar innovation initiative hosted by the Ploughshares Fund—Erika is responsible for catalyzing innovation in the nuclear security and non-proliferation arena.

Part research and development lab, part venture fund, N Square brings a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach that reflects Erika’s twenty-plus years of experience building companies and leading innovation programs for clients in philanthropy, education, government and the private sector in the US, South Asia, and Europe.

A serial entrepreneur, Erika is co-founder of Collective Invention, a boutique social innovation firm, and The Idea Factory, a strategy and innovation center now based in Singapore and replicated, with Erika’s supervision, in Amsterdam, Paris and London.

As Director of Scenario Communications for Global Business Network/Monitor Group, Erika developed innovative techniques for engaging stakeholders in the future of global issues such as education and workforce development. She staged scenarios of the future for audiences of business leaders, policymakers, and academics, designed learning journeys and facilitated strategic decision making processes.

Erika founded and acted as Executive Director for the Princeton Review Foundation, where she collaborated with Eugene Lang’s “I Have a Dream” Foundation to offer out-of-school education and test-preparation programs for underserved children in New York, Newark, Washington DC and Seattle.

Erika is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Drama.