John Ravitch (he, him, his)

Brand Strategist and Program Designer

John has a deep belief in designing relationships that set the right path for creative work to succeed within complex organizations. He recently returned to the United States after two years leading an innovation team under the Chief Design Officer of a leading Australian bank. There he experienced not only the importance of designing for senior level buy-in, but also the momentum required to land new creative ideas.

Prior to client-side, John was a founding partner at IDEO for 17 years. There, guided by the belief that compelling design supports positive behavioral change within business, he focused on helping leaders build their creative confidence and define their innovation agenda. He recently keynoted on the importance of creative competitiveness and designing for momentum.

John cut his teeth at CKS Partners, the top digital brand agency in Silicon Valley which was retained by Steve Jobs to rethink Apple’s marketing effort in the 90’s. John learned a great deal about the ‘reality distortion field’ in the first person while working on the core marketing teams on Apple MacWorld.