Sam Dabbs is a local Santa Fe screenwriters and the co-founder of Soul Punk Studios, an independent production company founded with the mad passion to publish original stories for a global audience. Sam has worked in the film industry as a visual artist for films such as First Man, Tropic Thunder and Superbad. He has also worked as a main title designer and written and directed his own short films. To learn more about his work, go to

Along with his co-founder R.J. Harbour,Sam won the 2017 George R.R. Martin Fantasy Screenwriters Grant for their original script Road to Pandemonium, and of the 2016 “Best Horror Script” and “Best Overall Script” at the International Horror Hotel Film Festival in Hudson, OH, for their original script Monsters Under the Bed.

J. Weston Phippen is a freelance magazine writer and editor who reports mostly on the border and Mexico. He moved from Washington, D.C., to Santa Fe two years ago with his wife, Jaime, a beagle-mix named Sophia, and a doberman named Rooster. They spent eight months looking for a home to buy and—finally—found the right place in July.