Sorakamol believes we can simultaneously design for better outcomes, higher ROI, stronger communities, and happier humans. Fascinated by neuroscience and behavioral economics, you’ll find her always out on the frontier, prospecting for the incentives that shape human actions.

Sorakamol is a graduate of The Seattle Art Institute’s Graphic Design Department and the St. John’s College Great Books Program. She attributes her ability to instill beauty in every project she leads to her ability to distill complex ideas into their core essences. Prior to her stepping into leadership at Creative Santa Fe (CrSF), she has applied her craft and critical thinking skills to her own brand design practice, Six Blooms, and to multiple community projects she organized—all geared toward  strengthening the social fabric, exciting financial investments, and aligning diverse needs. Under her leadership, CrSF has expanded its capabilities to include strategic design support to other organizations and governmental agencies who are committed to building vibrant, inclusive, and resilient communities in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico.