Todd Lustgarten is a 30+ year veteran of the brand licensing and consumer products business. He has created and marketed hundreds of new consumer products including toys, apparel, sporting goods, digital apps and games, food, candy and more. Todd‘s expertise is in branding and new business development, marketing and product development including; sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, advertising, promotion and sales. Todd is a Partner and Co-Managing Director of Perpetual Licensing, a leading brand agency dedicated to leveraging its client’s brand assets through strategic business expansion initiatives.

Todd has held key management positions in a number of the largest toy companies, including Hasbro, Upper Deck, Tyco Toys and Imagination Entertainment. From 2003–2007 Todd was the President and COO of Playstorm Toys. Todd holds a B.S. in Economics from Union College and a certificate in East Asian Business Management from Hong Kong University.

Todd and his wife Laura are the co-owner of StretchLab Santa Fe.