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New Mexico Museum of Art & Creative Santa Fe Announce Tania Katan Book Talk with Jen Sincero as Special Guest

January 10, 2019 Part of Tania Katan & Jen Sincero Talk Creativity & Their New Books
Her talk will deliver tools and strategies for taking more creative risks, leading with more imagination, facing fears and embracing obstacles as an opportunity to accelerate growth and the ability to find inspiration where others see only limitations.
Los Alamos Daily Post

New Mexico Museum Of Art & Creative Santa Fe Announce Tania Katan Book Talk With Jen Sincero

by Carol A. Clark
January 11, 2019
Part of Tania Katan & Jen Sincero Talk Creativity & Their New Books
After more than 10 years of smuggling creativity into the business sector without getting busted, Tania Katan’s new book Creative Trespassing: How to Put the Spark and Joy Back into Your Work and Life is a refreshing look at how to fit creativity into the seemingly mundane.
Santa Fe New Mexican

Proposal for artist community moves forward

by Daniel J. Chacón
January 7, 2019
Part of 'Made in Santa Fe' at Offroad Productions, Siler: An Oral History Project Listening Event & ‘Now More Than Ever’
The proposal by the New Mexico Inter-Faith Housing Corp. and other partners is envisioned as a combined live-work space for artists and other people working in the local creative industries.

“It’s really focused on the idea of people who need live-work housing,” said Daniel Werwath, chief operating officer of New Mexico Inter-Faith Housing. “Entrepreneurs. Healing artists. All types of people. Writers. Musicians.”
Santa Fe Reporter

Guad Help Us: City officials respond to Guadalupe area business concerns

by Julia Goldberg
October 5, 2018
Part of Why the Future belongs to Walkable Cities & Walkable Bikeable Communities

The meeting also revisited a 2013 initiative initiated by Guadalupe area organization Creative Santa Fe, Walk [Santa Fe], which prototyped various wayfinding signage, hosted public conversations and brought in national speakers to improve Santa Fe's pedestrian resources. Specifically, the project sought to help people navigate throughout the downtown, Guadalupe and Railyard areas.

Creative Santa Fe Offers “The Rebirth of Local News” Dialogue

by Tom Trowbridge
September 5, 2018
Part of The Rebirth of Local News
Opportunities for collaboration and community engagement in defining the future of news media in New Mexico will be explored during an upcoming discussion led by Creative Santa Fe as part of the non-profits’ “disruptive futures” dialogue.

Worlds Colliding

by Rachel Staley Grant
December 21, 2016
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016 & At the Nuclear Brink
Collisions. This isn’t just the name of a poignant virtual reality film about nuclear testing in Australia that you should see. This is what happened in Santa Fe, New Mexico at this month’s “Disruptive Futures” Santa Fe Nuclear Weapons Summit.

Autry Museum of the American West President to Join Native Arts Panel on Human Rights

by Tom Trowbridge
August 17, 2018
Part of Native Arts and Policy: Resilience and Rights
Rick West, president and CEO of the Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles, will be moderating a panel discussion on Native art and culture and it's place in international human rights policy. KSFR's Tom Trowbridge interviews West about his involvement in the upcoming panel discussion, Native Arts and Policy - Resilience and Rights
Tribal College

IAIA to Host Panel on Indigenous Peoples Rights

by Dana Petersen
July 29, 2018
Part of Native Arts and Policy: Resilience and Rights
The panel entitled, Native Arts and Policy: Resilience and Rights, will recognize the increasing importance and relevance of the cultural community and art within a national and international platform. How can tribal archives, libraries, museums, and artists help in implementing international human rights standards into American law and policy? This is generationally a challenge for Indigenous institutions across the country and throughout the world.

Museum of Contemporary Native Arts Hosts Discussion on Art and Human Rights

August 17, 2018
Part of Native Arts and Policy: Resilience and Rights
KSFR's Tazbah McCullah speaks with Andrea Hanley, public programs manager for the Institute of American Indian Arts, about who's coming to join the panel and what the discussion hopes to accomplish.

The panel, called Native Arts and Policy-Resilience and Rights - takes place on August 18 at 3pm at MoCNA.

PRESS RELEASE: “The Rebirth of Local News: A Disruptive Futures Dialogue”

August 7, 2018 Part of The Rebirth of Local News
Creative Santa Fe, in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network and Searchlight New Mexico, will host a public dialogue exploring the state of local news media.
Nuclear Threat Initiative

Ernest Moniz Discusses the Future of Nuclear Weapons with Santa Fe Panel on the Arts

by Nuclear Threat Initiative
July 24, 2018
Part of Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
This event was part of ongoing “Disruptive Futures” programming by Creative Santa Fe. In 2016, as part of this thematic work, NTI collaborated with Creative Santa Fe and partners NSquare and PopTech to host a cross-sector four-day convening of more than 40 next-generation leaders with backgrounds in the military, the sciences, technology, policy, business and the arts.
Santa Fe Reporter

Building Up or Tearing Down? Solving Santa Fe’s housing crisis starts with rentals as community advocates also call for quality of life

by Matt Grubs
July 11, 2018
Part of Housing the Future
The evening's exercise is to look at housing through the lens of science fiction; to imagine Santa Fe in the year 2068 as a city where housing is plentiful and affordable. Free of some of the normal constraints of problem-solving, organizers hope to bring new voices to the conversation, and to connect the individual efforts around the community.

"A lot of the books, a lot of the movies that thought about solutions, came about years and decades before [those solutions] came to fruition," Creative Santa Fe's Cyndi Conn says as things get underway.
98.1 KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe

Cyndi Conn of Creative Santa Fe talks about their upcoming events

by Honey Harris
July 10, 2018
Part of
Cyndi Conn of Creative Santa Fe talks about their upcoming events.
Santa Fe New Mexican

Discussing ‘Doctor Atomic’ and the bomb in Santa Fe

by Robert Nott
July 9, 2018
Part of Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
“How do you make an opera out of death?” Donaldson asked Sellars early in the presentation. “Death is the reason theater exists,” Sellars said. “Most theater is about how to call back people you never had a chance to meet … and ask things that couldn’t be asked at the time.”
Santa Fe New Mexican

Resistance Is Not Futile: Testing a Cultural Legacy

by Michael Abatemarco
July 6, 2018
Part of Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
“Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico: A Disruptive Futures Dialogue” happens Sunday, July 8, at the Lensic Performing Arts Center, featuring Peter Sellars, director and librettist of Doctor Atomic, which opens at the Santa Fe Opera on July 14.

Blast radius: From nuclear history to art

by Jennifer Levin
July 6, 2018
Part of Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
In advance of Doctor Atomic’s opening on July 14, The Santa Fe Opera and Creative Santa Fe present “Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico: A Disruptive Futures Dialogue,” at 3 p.m. Sunday, July 8, at the Lensic Performing Arts Center
Santa Fe Reporter

Disruptive Futures Dialogue: Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico

July 4, 2018 Part of Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
The Santa Fe Opera, in association with Creative Santa Fe, brings stage director Peter Sellars to discuss John Adams' opera Doctor Atomic, which Sellars directs this summer. Moderated by Sam Donaldson.
Santa Fe Reporter

Say What? A new series aims to change the way we talk—and think—about serious issues

by Julia Goldberg
June 27, 2018
Part of
This week, Creative Santa Fe kicks off its Disruptive Futures series, an initiative aimed—as so much seems to be lately in Santa Fe—toward pivoting the city's attention forward.
Santa Fe New Mexican

Interplanetary Festival Coincides with Unique June Events

by Hal Espen
April 8, 2018
Part of ‘Now More Than Ever’, 'Made in Santa Fe' at Offroad Productions, Arts and Creativity Center Charrette Groups, Artist Market Survey & Siler: An Oral History Project Listening Event
One sign of interesting things happening in this new facet of Santa Fe is the plan by Creative Santa Fe — a partner with the Santa Fe Institute in the Interplanetary Festival — to build the Siler Yard Arts + Creativity Center, incorporating 60 units of live-work rental housing, a MAKE Santa Fe workshop and commercial micro-retail space. The group hopes to break ground in 2019, with a 2020 completion date.
Fine Lifestyle Magazine

‘Creative Santa Fe: Creativity, Collaboration, and Community’

by Emmaly Wiederholt
March 27, 2018
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
"Imagine if we could harness the breadth and depth of creativity in Santa Fe to apply it toward tackling systemic issues that affect our community. Imagine several individuals and organizations coming together to solve problems that affect us all. Imagine ways to leverage the cultural diversity and intellectual richness of our state to reframe critical issues and drive positive change. This is the work of Creative Santa Fe."
Santa Fe New Mexican

Bushee, Gonzales vow to boost ‘creative economy’

by Daniel J. Chacón
February 10, 2014
Part of Create the Vote 2014
The forum, hosted by Create the Vote, a collaboration of 35 arts, cultural and creative organizations and businesses, drew a crowd of more than 200 to the Center for Contemporary Arts.

Albuquerque Journal

Bushee, Gonzales talk ‘creative economy’ at mayoral forum

by T.S. Last
February 10, 2014
Part of Create the Vote 2014
Two of the three candidates for mayor of Santa Fe spoke about their ideas for creating a creative economy and other issues during a candidate forum Monday night at the Center for Contemporary Arts.
Santa Fe New Mexican

Zappos chief to discuss growth in Santa Fe

by Chris Quintana
August 31, 2014
Part of City As Startup
“So much of Santa Fe’s promise lies in entrepreneurship, innovation and community building,” Mayor Javier Gonzales said. “This is the perfect moment for our community to be motivated and inspired by Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project.”

In-Studio: Creative Santa Fe Executive Director Cyndi Conn

by Tom Trowbridge
November 30, 2017
Part of Create the Vote Santa Fe 2018 & Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
Wake-Up Call host Tom Trowbridge speaks with Creative Santa Fe Executive Director Cyndi Conn about the non-profit's various efforts, including the Create the Vote Santa Fe 2018 initiative and the Disruptive Futures Dialogues.

Santa Fe New Mexican

‘Creative Santa Fe – a positive change’ By Joseph Kelly

by Joseph Kelly
November 14, 2017
Part of 'Command and Control', 'Zero Days', 2045 Scenario Presentations at Violet Crown Cinemas, At the Nuclear Brink & Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
Creative Santa Fe brilliantly managed to corral many of the best minds to address the future of nuclear weapons. Gathered together were futurists from Washington, D.C., to Perth to Islamabad, a former U.S. secretary of defense, several bestselling authors, designers, scientists, filmmakers, actors and artists, all united for three days to try to find a way out of the nuclear bind the world had found itself in on the eve of the American election in 2016. And it worked beyond anyone’s expectations.
Albuquerque Journal

Showcasing shared space

by Megan Bennett
October 13, 2017
Part of 'Made in Santa Fe' at Offroad Productions
In hopes of attracting supporters for its proposed new space, the Make Santa Fe art collective’s exhibition this weekend, “MADE IN SANTA FE,” showcases what its members create in a shared workroom.

Creative Santa Fe Wins Futurist Award

by Association of Professional Futurists
August 12, 2017
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
“I admire the new and fresh ways the organizers tried to approach the problem of nuclear disarmament….and visually a nuclear-free future. Use of games, team visualization, social memes, symbolism, interspersing with the public at large was interesting.”
Trend Magazine

BOOM Town: A new complex in the Siler Road neighborhood will provide rentals and maker space for creatives

by Christina Proctor
June 19, 2017
Part of Affordable Artspace for Santa Fe & Artist Market Survey
"One of the reasons I believe in this project is it's happening at the right time in the right place," says Trey Jordan, one of the architects on ACC's design team. "It's not 'build it an they'll come.' It's 'build it because they're already there.' "

Scientists and Strategists Contemplate the Increasing Odds of Nuclear War

by Mark Wolverton
April 8, 2017
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016 & At the Nuclear Brink
During the first minutes of the summit at Santa Fe’s historic Lensic Theater, Eric Schlosser, author of the book “Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety,” asked former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry: “Right now as we sit here, given your decades of public service in this realm, how great do you think the threat of nuclear weapons is today?”

‘Greenville, SC Mayor to Speak in Santa Fe on Arts Schools and Downtown Revitalization’

by Dylan Syverson
February 23, 2017
Part of 'How Students and the Arts Fuel a Vibrant Downtown'
NMSA has coordinated with Creative Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, and the Santa Fe Arts Commission to invite Greenville, SC, mayor Knox White to Santa Fe next Wednesday to speak on arts students’ role in urban revitalization.
Los Alamos Daily Post

‘Former Sec Def William Perry, other experts, urge abandonment of new ICBM plans at Santa Fe Nuclear Weapons Summit’

by Roger Snodgrass
December 9, 2016
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
"I have devoted the rest of my life to educating the public on nuclear dangers and what might be done to lessen those dangers," Perry said.
Santa Fe New Mexican

‘Ex-­defense secretary to speak at nuclear ‘boot camp’

by Rebecca Moss
December 1, 2016
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
“I can think of no better place to discuss rising nuclear dangers than in New Mexico given the state’s important history and contribution to the security of our country,” Perry said in a prepared statement.
Santa Fe Reporter

‘Back on the Brink: Nuclear watchdogs assembling in Santa Fe say it’s time to stop ignoring ongoing threat’

by Elizabeth Miller
November 30, 2016
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
Of course, Santa Fe, poised as it is between Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, rarely forgets that weapons abound. So, to this landscape where we’re still cleaning up from a form of warfare most have consigned to the history books, Creative Santa Fe, the Nuclear Threat Initiative and N Square have called thought leaders and diplomats to explore, study and discuss the topic.
GSN Magazine

‘Santa Fe to host conference on nuclear proliferation and safety next month’

November 2, 2016 Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales said that “Santa Fe’s culture is one of bringing people together, and that, combined with our role in the nuclear story and our proximity to two major national laboratories, makes our city the perfect place to host this conversation.”
Homeland Preparedness News

‘New nuclear weapons summit planned for Santa Fe, New Mexico’

October 17, 2016 Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
“The thought leaders we are bringing to Santa Fe for this event include US senators, diplomats, nuclear weapons experts, authors, actors, filmmakers and artists,” Cyndi Conn, executive director of creative Santa Fe
Albuquerque Journal

‘Creative Santa Fe wants to get us ‘fired up’’

by Jackie Jadrnak
October 14, 2016
Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
Creative Santa Fe is launching an effort called “Disruptive Futures” to try to get Santa Fe seen as a place where innovative thinkers come together from around the country and world to spark ideas about solutions to some of our most knotty problems.


‘NTI and Partners Announce: The Santa Fe Nuclear Weapons Summit’

October 12, 2016 Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
One of CrSF’s primary economic objectives is to shine an international spotlight on Santa Fe. - See more at:
Santa Fe New Mexican

‘City sees December summit on nuclear weapons as way to tap into ‘brainpower’’

October 1, 2016 Part of Nuclear Weapons Summit 2016
“We want to shine a spotlight on Santa Fe and have a different type of tourist,” Conn said. “We want to establish Santa Fe as a Geneva of thought leadership. We know this is ambitious.”
Santa Fe New Mexican

‘Group wants to create apartments for artists’

by Bruce Krasnow
April 11, 2011
Part of Arts and Creativity Center Charrette Groups, Artist Market Survey & Affordable Artspace for Santa Fe
“It’s a perfect place in terms of the middle of the city right where there is art, technology and work spaces. There’s so much bubbling over,” she said. “We see really an industrial, hands-on maker, creative space, while helping young artists who really want to stay in Santa Fe.”
Santa Fe Reporter

‘A Creative Boost: Santa Fe City Council discusses handing off 5 acres for affordable housing for artists’

by Elizabeth Miller
August 3, 2015
Part of Arts and Creativity Center Charrette Groups, Affordable Artspace for Santa Fe & Artist Market Survey
"It's not just an affordable housing project, but it's also an economic development project, so you're not only supplying affordable housing for artists and creative people, but you're also giving them the skills and training and that leg up they need in order to be sustainable in their careers as entrepreneurs and small businesspeople," says Conn
Campbell Consultants Group

‘Creative Santa Fe Ups the Ante at It’s Third Annual FANTASE Community Building Festival’

July 2, 2015 Part of FANTASE 2015
This year’s FANTASE Fest had over 3500 attendees, 90% of whom were under the age of 44. 82% of the budget went directly back into the local creative economy, and the last three festivals combined have given back approximately $92,000 to our creative workforce. Creative Santa Fe is truly finding, supporting, and promoting the young creative talent in Santa Fe through the annual FANTASE Fest
Santa Fe New Mexican

‘FANTASE Fest 2015 at DeVargas Park’

by Jennifer Levin
June 19, 2015
Part of FANTASE 2015
The “expanded identity” theme, which was interpreted broadly, is intended to get people excited about Santa Fe culture outside of its historic traditions and regional aesthetic style.
Adobe Airstream

‘Santa Fe Land Use, the Past and the Future’

by Ellen Berkovitch
April 1, 2015
Part of Affordable Artspace for Santa Fe & Artist Market Survey
The Mayor was elected a year ago with a mandate to prioritize youth-oriented policy to redress the graying of Santa Fe. And creative-city project development is palpably already under way in the Siler Road neighborhood which affordable housing proponents say forms one leg of a new neighborhood triangle where more rental housing should be built.
Santa Fe New Mexican

‘Santa Fe Community Foundation honors local nonprofits with annual Piñon Awards’

by Chris Quintana
October 7, 2014
Part of
This year’s Piñon Award honorees also include Creative Santa Fe, a large nonprofit that promotes and hosts cultural gatherings and events in the city.
Las Vegas Review Journal

‘Hsieh talks the talk in Santa Fe’

by John L. Smith
September 5, 2014
Part of City As Startup
Hsieh is being courted in the prosperous New Mexico community in part, I hear, to potentially redevelop an area of downtown near the train station.
Albuquerque Journal

‘Can Zappos CEO’s urban vision work in old Santa Fe?’

by Mark Oswald
September 5, 2014
Part of City As Startup
The topic for a talk Wednesday night that featured a couple of high-powered speakers was introduced as “how to grow Santa Fe young,” aka, how to make a small, 400-year-old city with a tourism-based economy, an aging population and a reputation for relaxation over nightlife more hip and urban.
Albuquerque Business First

‘Tony Hsieh’s collision course for Downtown Albuquerque’

by Dan Mayfield
September 4, 2014
Part of City As Startup
The Santa Fe Institute, St. John’s College, and Creative Santa Fe hosted Hsieh in Santa Fe on Wednesday to give a presentation about his Downtown Project in Las Vegas and share how collisions have helped revitalize the area.
Albuquerque Journal

‘Domes rise over Santa Fe’s De Vargas Park’

by Jackie Jadrnak
May 8, 2014
Part of FANTASE 2014
Creative Santa Fe’s first festival in De Vargas Park was last year and attracted some 1,500 to 2,000 people — and that was without the domes.
Santa Fe Reporter

‘I Can Be Your Fantase: Outdoor Festival Gives Good Dome’

by Zoe Haskell
May 7, 2014
Part of FANTASE 2014
Peer says it’s time to show off the creativity that’s “so vibrant here” and make a space to get Santa Fe “out there.” - See more at:

‘Creative Santa Fe Announces FANTASE Dome Fest’

March 13, 2014 Part of FANTASE 2014
With over 100 community partners in 2013, the FANTASE DOME FEST promises to be a major display of shared commitment to the arts and to city vibrancy.

‘Creative Santa Fe and ArtSpace to host a presentation & community discussion of results’

December 18, 2013 Part of Artist Market Survey
The results from this study will inform any new creative space or live/work developments for Santa Fe, as well as space where arts, cultural, and creative businesses can thrive.
Albuquerque Journal

‘Plan to make SF a more walkable city’

by Jackie Jadrnak
October 20, 2013
Part of Why the Future belongs to Walkable Cities
They may not go as far as building a yellow brick road, but people working with Creative Santa Fe plan an experiment next month with a painted path, new signs and friendly humans to help visitors find their way between the Plaza and the Railyard.
Santa Fe New Mexican

‘Urban planner to talk about boosting city’s walkability’

by Julie Anne Grimm
August 10, 2013
Part of Why the Future belongs to Walkable Cities
Urban planner Jeff Speck already believes Santa Fe is a city that is “immanently walkable.” In fact, he said, it’s one of his favorite places in America. But the downtown area and other parts of town could benefit from focusing more on getting people out of their cars and on their feet.
Greenfire Times

‘FANTASE Festival: Connected Community Engagement’

July 5, 2013 Part of FANTASE 2013
After spending much of the day at the park, Santa Fe artist Larry Fodor said, “Downtown Santa Fe is not just for tourists. It is also for the people that live in this incredible city. The FANTASE Festival is absolutely proof positive events can be organized that cater to our entire population—so that everyone can enjoy the underused and re-structured parts of downtown.”
Greenfire Times

‘Help Plan an Affordable Creative Space in Santa Fe’

by Kris Swedin
July 1, 2013
Part of Artist Market Survey & Affordable Artspace for Santa Fe
The Arts + Creativity Center, envisioned as a vibrant hub where people working in creative industries gather to live, work, create, collaborate, rehearse, perform, conduct business and thrive, is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

‘Yon chats with Cyndi Conn, Program Director of Creative Santa Fe, about ‘Evolve or Die’’

May 9, 2012 Part of Evolve or Die?
'Evolve or Die' kicks off Creative Santa Fe's Imagined Futures Santa Fe Series, Saturday, May 12, 2012