Disruptive Futures Dialogue Series

Leveraging the arts and collaboration to create positive disruption.

Creative Santa Fe’s Disruptive Futures Dialogues series generates visionary new approaches to drive positive change. What differentiates the Disruptive Futures Dialogues is our dedication to partnerships, community-wide inclusion, and leveraging the arts as a platform to reframe issues in bold new ways to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our city, our country, and our world.

The arts broaden citizens’ voices, offering a welcoming entry point to those who have not felt power in the civic realm before. They prompt deeper exploration and shift sometimes contentious public debate to a more open and receptive space for listening, expressing, and truly hearing alternative views.
– Robert Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts



2019 Disruptive Futures Dialogues: 

The Future of Art: 

The 2017 Culture Track Report, created by international cultural consulting firm La Placa Cohen, revealed that over the past few years the very definition of culture has undergone a profound global shift.  Audiences are demanding fun, interaction, and relevance to their lives in their cultural experiences in a way that is entirely unprecedented in modern history. This catalytic shift changes the way that art is presented, experienced, and brings up important questions about the future of art and culture in society.  Santa Fe is at the very crossroads of this transition. How will we, as a community, respond to and evolve with this shifting cultural climate?

Sustainable Technologies:

This Disruptive Futures Dialogue will explore how to build an intellectual consortium and physical hub for institutions of higher education, our national laboratories, and non-profit and business partners to advance research, development and deployment in the areas of sustainable technology. Further, we will explore how the arts can be leveraged to incite passions around climate science and the use of technologies to address climate and overall sustainability solutions.  

Housing the Future, Pt. II:

Santa Fe is currently at a 99% rental capacity and lack of affordable housing is one of the most significant obstacles for current residents and new economy.  The city urgently needs 5000 new rental units, and we need creative new approaches to tackle this seemingly intractable challenge. How can art help us to imagine solutions for the future of affordable housing? This dialogue is a  continuation of Creative Santa Fe’s 2018 Housing the Future event and is in conjunction with the Siler Yard Arts + Creativity Center affordable housing project.

Arts + Juvenile Justice

This dialogue will explore how arts programming can build resiliency and wellness among the youth population, reduce recidivism, and transform the juvenile justice system in Santa Fe and New Mexico. This dialogue will be built in collaboration with the Arts Network for Youth & Justice and the Keshet Center for the Arts.


Past 2018 Disruptive Futures Dialogues:

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Housing the Future
‘Housing the Future’ provided a platform to examine Santa Fe’s housing crisis and to reimagine what is possible-and necessary-for the sustainability of our city through the lens of science-fiction.

Nuclear Weapons in New Mexico
The sold out event at the Lensic Theater explored the power of opera, song, dance, and poetry to address, and personalize, one of the most intractable issues of our time.

Under-Told Stories Project
Drawing on his extensive global reporting, Fred De Sam Lazaro discussed the power of narrative to shape the success of social enterprises — locally and globally.

Native Arts and Policy: Resilience and Rights
This dialogue highlighted the critical role that artists and cultural institutions play in implementing international human rights standards into U.S. law and policy.

The Rebirth of Local News
This dialogue explored issues of truth, trust, integrity and ethics in the news; and how local journalists can leverage the arts and engage broader audiences to build trust and effect positive change in their communities. 

The Creative Voices Roundtables are ongoing conversations with diverse creative leaders to explore how we can embed the arts in each of our Disruptive Futures Dialogues. Through these creative discourses, we aim to include inspiring creative voices in addressing topics ranging from education, poverty, affordable housing, cybersecurity, the way we communicate, and more, in an effort to reimagine how we can develop solutions to these community issues.

January – Creative Voices Roundtable
July – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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Creative Santa Fe uses a combination of crowd-sourcing, community discussions, and research to find the most important topics and innovative partners for our Disruptive Futures Dialogues. If you have a great idea or contact to contribute, we would love to hear from you!

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(Please provide us with a clear topic, how addressing this topic would help Santa Fe, and any organizations or community leaders you know that are doing work in this topic area.)